Foul Trouble for the Heat

24 May

The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacer series is looking more and more like a gladiator death match. Heat forward Udonis Haslem will be suspended for Thursday’s gameĀ  for the smack down on Pacer Tyler Hansbrough. The irony of Haslem’s suspicion is that Hansbrough has successfully caused both Haslem and Dwayne Wade to bleed from the head and has not been suspended. But just like in the court of law since Haslem’s hit seemed intended to cause harm and wasn’t just the byproduct of a play, it merits suspicion.

If that weren’t bad enough for the Heat you have the smack down of Pacer Lance Stephenson by Heat forward Dexter Pittman. Again this is another case of the Heat getting payback. Stephenson in a previous game had given the choke symbol at LeBron James. Pittman in protection of James, flat out clocked Stephenson in the face. You can watch the video it is pretty brutal. Now Pittman will be suspended for 3 games.

I think the Pacers have some kind of strategy to try to get all the Heat’s players suspended for fouling. Otherwise there is no explanation for them provoking these fouls. I mean really Stephenson you are going to threaten James during a nationally broadcast game? I don’t think anyone is that stupid. Regardless of losing players the Heat will most likely win Thursday’s game.


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