Spurs Sweep Series

20 May

The Los Angeles Clippers put up a fight for their lives tonight. The game was incredibly close and it really looked like the Clippers might just beat the San Antonio Spurs. This was definitely the best game so far for Chris Paul. Paul who is still injured but never blames his playing on that, scored 23 points and 11 assist. Blake Griffin helped out despite biting his lip pretty hard in the first half with 21 points. Griffin would be even more helpful if he could get more than 5 rebounds a game but I’m sure he is working on that now.The game really came down to Paul making a crucial shot with 10 seconds left but it just didn’t happen. I’m going to blame his injuries even if he won’t.

This is the 18th consecutive win for the Spurs. Tim Duncan(who has not been called old yet but I’m sure that talk will start if they face the Thunder) scored 21 points. Tony Parker was behind him scoring 17 points. Now the Spurs sit and wait to see if they will play the Lakers or Thunder. If I were the Spurs I would hope for the Lakers.


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