Heat Lose Again?

18 May

After the Indiana Pacers beat the Miami Heat in Game 2 it was obvious the Heat needed to make some adjustments. Without Chris Bosh they needed to find a new offensive strategy(aka. anyone else on the team that can score more than 5 points). But after the blow out in Game 3 on Thursday it is obvious that didn’t happen. If anything the Heat played worse than Game 2. The Pacers beat the Heat, 94-75. Now the Pacers lead the series 2-1. And that championship title is getting further and further away for LeBron James.

The Pacers have had a string of luck with opposing teams losing players. In Round 1 the Pacer easily beat the Orlando Magic who was missing superstar Dwight Howard. And the loss of Bosh obviously has thrown off the flow for the Heat. Game 3 was particularly bad because Dwayne Wade made only 5 points in 37 minutes of playing. It is now being revealed that Wade is suffering from leg and knee injuries. Wade being injured is nothing new, he missed 17 games this season due to injury.

Out of frustration Wade got in a fight with Heat coach Erik Spoelstra during the game. I think when you lose a crucial player like Bosh it really puts pressure on your coach to find a new strategy and obviously Spoelstra still hasn’t figured that out. Spolestra changed the starting line-up putting Shane Battier at power forward and using center Dexter PittmanJames scored 22 points for the Heat and had help from Mario Chalmers with 25 points.

The Pacers played more like team and that’s why they won. Roy Hibbert had 19 points and 18 rebounds. George Hill scored 20 and Danny Granger 17. And it’s looking like the Pacers are going to be upset team moving on, unless the Heat figure their shit out.



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